With shamel e-voucher Solutions voucher values can easily be credited electronically, either with an POS system or with a point-of sale terminal system. Providing a professional service and removing all risks associated with distributing and stocking vouchers. Shamel evoucher provides secure and complete solutions ranging from retailers point-of-sale through to network operator, or other service and content providers This is a solution that allows e-Pins / vouchers and post paid payment to be distributed and vended via all kind of POS terminal and networks in all kind of outlet.

    Key benefits
  • Eliminates cost of printing recharge cards
  • Eliminates cost of stores
  • Accessibility to customers and improve service delivery
  • To improve revenue margins
  • Opportunity to introduce multiple denominations for multi prepaid cards and online topups
  • Postpaid and government fee payment.
  • We provide flexible solutions with ongoing product development, based on a deep understanding of our customers’ challenges.